Consultancy Services

Consultancy plays a significant role in the delivery of strong and sustainable business solutions. It is the key to well-planned software products that perform consistently, regardless of circumstantial factors. At PentaTech, we therefore, utilise our vast experience, deep understanding of product lifecycles and knowledge of various technology platforms, to provide professional software services with inhouse application development capabilities and outsourced development.

We incorporate industry standards and best practices to ensure quality consultancy service.

PentaTech develops a business-centric, end-to-end ICT strategy aligned with your goals, which can be leveraged to create more concrete designs for the application landscape and a service-oriented environment. Through evidence based technical analysis, you will make informed decisions on strategy and individual goals helping you make the most of your opportunities. Our consultants will work hand-in-glove with you to draw up a roadmap including prioritized work packages and provide effective support for its implementation.
Our talented team pays attention to detail in order to achieve superior outcomes. Our software consulting services involve one or more of the following:

  • Benchmarking existing systems, applications and processes
  • Gap Analysis – Accumulating and assimilating all relevant information
  • Defining a roadmap and laying down a way forward
  • Defining best practices and processes
  • Defining a software architecture for the proposed solution
  • Selecting an ideal Software Development Life Cycle model
  • Understanding, Interpreting and Predicting Customer/User behaviour
  • Documenting Business Rules and Practices
  • Suggesting and recommending the best suited Technology Platform to deploy
  • Documenting proposed Technology Implementation