Institutional Management System

This is a professional management system available on web browser version as well as desktop. The institution management system enables the user to:

  • manage contacts for clients, members or visitors
  • to plan, monitor and create events
  • manage projects
  • report generation
  • inventory management
  • human resource management

The application comes in 3 different packages, tailored for organizations and individuals at different stages of growth.

Pricing Plans

ZMW 500 ZMW 1000 ZMW 2000
1000 Free SMS* 2000 Free SMS* 3000 Free SMS*
10, 000 Free Email Campaigns* 20, 000 Free Email Campaigns* 35, 000 Free Email Campaigns*
1 Administrator 5 Administrators 10 Administrators
2 Editors 10 Editors Unlimited Editors
2 Paged SMS Maximum SMS Pages Maximum SMS Pages
No Premium Support Limited Premium Support Full Premium Support
No Email Campaign Customization/Personalization Email Campaign Customization/Personalization Email Campaign Customization/Personalization
*Email and SMS Credits valid for 3 Months after which they can be purchased separately via your account.