Technical Team Leads

Clement Mazimba
Lead Programmer

With over 10 years of cumulative experience as a programmer and developer. Has developed desktop, mobile and web applications for organizations and possesses in-depth knowledge of current and emerging technologies with focus on Information Management, Data analytics, System Security, Artificial Intelligence, Software design and Business continuity standards.

Clifford Tandeo
Creative Director

Clifford has the experience in team leading, customer service. He has an eye for everything graphical and animated (CG) and is currently the lead graphics designer and coordinator at PentaTech.

Brian Kayombo
Operations Manager

Brian has experience in coordinating and managing day to day activities ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in business objectives and activities.
He is a fun-loving gentleman and a musician with an artistic touch, bridging his involvements in both graphics and programming. Presently managing operations at PentaTech.

Mubanga Kafwimbi
Lead Business Developer

Mubanga is experienced in business development, corporate strategy formulation, human resources, training and client relationship management. An energetic problem solver who brings vitality, professionalism, dedication, and a mindset of service.
He has collaborated with a cross section of stakeholders engaged in activities spanning philanthropy, academia, social entrepreneurship, creative arts and public service delivery.